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It is a real honour, as an artist, to be associated with the work of Agora Dialogue.

Agora Dialogue is a non-partisan forum which empowers people to make better informed decisions in their daily lives. Acting as a hub for fresh ideas, it aims to expose people to new thinking and informed discussion on key contemporary issues of relevance to the world, in order to create a better educated, aware and engaged society.

Agora Dialogue achieves its mission through an interactive website, residential leadership programmes, specialist publications, special events, courses, forums and symposiums. As an artist, I, too, believe in the free flow of ideas, the importance of critical thinking and ongoing constructive dialogue across all areas of our international society.

Through my work as an artist and singer, I aim to uphold these ideals and work towards creating a world which values the importance of art, music and culture as a reflection of our humanity.

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